3 Foot Ninja II

Interested in playing online video games as a three foot Ninja? Check out Bibu2U. I still can’t figure out how to pronounce Bibu2U, but if you have a quick trigger finger you might enjoy this site. Bibu2U is a Mini Flash Game site. These are quick games to download, and play on your browser. It has several categories, with tons

Link Your Shirt

Well I doubt Google will give these links a Page Rank, but they will sure make you look sharp. LinkYourShirt.com sells cufflinks. It’s a clean, easy to navigate retail site with slick looking cufflinks. The site offers every type of cufflink you can imagine including money clips, and even tells you how to wear them. You

Stuff to Not Get

Wait, that is Stuff to Get! Stuff to Get is a new site themed a bit around me. I love finding cool online stuff, and this is what that site does. It claims its method of finding them for you is by filtering out the junk. “It’s the stuff we reject that makes this stuff