You Must Be 40″ Tall

If you haven’t noticed, there has not been any posts for a few days. I spent the last four days with the family at Disney Land. When it comes to understanding usability issues, Disney Land, has to be the king. I’m still recovery from the vacation so I have yet to analyze their website, but their theme park obviously gets put to the maximum test every day.

In a land of many themes, ideas, and things to do, consistency appeared to be the best usability tool there. A visitor knows what to expect. There is always someone there to help if you if you have a question, there are always lots of garbage cans around, there are always signs at the entrances of the rides to make you aware of any height requirements. The list goes on, but consistency has to be there at every level. It’s expected, and in many ways, it is required. There is simply too many people around. Every kind of family crisis you can imagine happens there, and all the basics have to be clearly covered.

For me, consistency is usually always key. When your site is consistent throughout, it’s easier for the visitor to figure it out, and they then know what to expect. Problems are easier to recognize or find as a webmaster. Site design is easier to maintain, and in many ways can improve the load speed of your site. Putting it all together, if you are consistent, you should have a well designed site that is great for your visitor, and great for you.

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