Where’s Your Memory?

In a quest to give new life to my old laptop, I decided spend a few bucks and bump up the MEMORY. Yes, that was a flat out plug in hopes I can get memory cheap. During that quick search though, I realized that my site is missing something. The PUMPKINS!

Seasonal Display

memorysuppliers logoMemory suppliers had the pumpkins on their front porch already, and I completely forgot that I wanted to start doing the same for my site.

Cool little designs are what makes a website fun, and could also be what keeps that visitor for at least one more page view. You don’t want to overwhelm your site with crazy images all over the page like Homer Simpson did as Mr. X, but a little hint of season can’t hurt. If you have been reading my posts for a while now, you might remember I did a 1,000 blog viewing a while back. I looked at a 1,000 blogs writing down what got my attention, and what didn’t.

It Was Pictures

Pictures are what got my attention, and the sites that had them in clear view, were the ones I most likely checked out more. Images talk, and not only that, they talk really fast. A simple pumpkin might make a nice seasonal display, but why not show a scarecrow buying memory, or mom taking pictures of her trick or treaters (they sell SD cards as well). Have a little fun with your graphics, and try to make it tell your message as well.

Now it’s time for me to get to work carving my pumpkins.

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