Webmaster Tools Site Performance – A New Cool Tool

Google’s Webmaster Tools unleashed a pretty cool tool today to help you improve your websites load time. The tool is called Site Performance, located under the labs portion in the Webmaster Tools.

Looking at my own graph, it appears they have been tracking average load times since the end of July. For this site, the average load time is 2.4 seconds. Something I’m pretty happy about, but wouldn’t mind finding a way to bring it even lower.

What Site Performance Reports

The tool first graphs the average loads times for you, and then lists a few example pages with their load times. It then lists some of the trouble makers that could use some help, and also includes the suggested methods on how you can speed each page up.

screenshot of webmaster tools site performance

At the footer of this page you will also find a Firebug add-on so you can diagnose page speed on the fly. Here is the download page for this tool:

Download page for Google’s Page Speed: Install Page Speed

You only have a few seconds to gain a visitors attention. Do you want them to spend it waiting? Google found my site to average 2.4 seconds to load. What’s yours?


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