Twitter Tweet Retweet Button – Time to Give it Try

No user testing here. I just installed the Twitter Retweet button on to my blog, and am going to give it a try. I can’t ignore it anymore. Looking at many of the top blogs out there, that button just keeps subconsciously saying to me, “Add this to your blog”. I finally did it, and you can find it on the bottom left of this, and every post I’ve made.

I use WordPress for this blog, and if you do to, the easy way to install this plugin is by simply searching the plugin archive through your dashboard for the plugin titled: tweetmeme. Then you are just one click from having it yourself. TweetMeme supports several other applications besides WordPress as well.

The plugin allows for choice in button size, CSS styling, and general positioning. Simply type in your Twitter user name so the RT can give you credit, and you on your way. The plugin also has a little analytic data that goes with it. Obviously you can get the number of tweets simply by looking at the button for each post, but the additional analytics reveals who actually made the tweets. Nice to see your post get a tweet by someone with 10,000 plus followers.

The way people RT stuff on Twitter, I could really see this helping in the viral marketing efforts for this blog and yours.

Since it’s new to this blog, I’m also hoping you please help me out by making that button say more than 2!

tweetmeme logo


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