Tweetmeme Button Two Months Later

Two months ago I added the Tweetmeme button to my blog. Two weeks after that, I wrote about how it appeared to be doubling my Twitter Traffic. In that post I started out by saying that I may be jumping the gun on this subject. Apparently, I did.

Two weeks after I added the button, my Twitter traffic did indeed double. Since that point though, it really hasn’t done much, and has actually returned to normal. I believe the increase was only really due to the fact that when you post about Twitter, Twitter people like to look at it.

Why isn’t the button truly helping my viral efforts? I’m think this could be the case of my site doesn’t get enough traffic yet. I have seen one positive effect though, and it is why I am keeping it a little longer.

I do believe it has a strong viral effect if you can get the ball initially rolling, and I have seen this a little on this site. When I write a new post on this site it automatically posts to my Twitter account. Those tweets are slowly getting more retweets on average. Retweets are increasing, and sooner or later that Twitter traffic will coming rolling in.


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