Top Ten Blog Posts for 2009 on Best Web Image

Below are a list of the top blog posts that I wrote this year. Information was gathered using Google Analytics. I felt I needed to mention that I used Google Analytics because the first most popular post on this site for 2009 was bashing Google. I really like them, actually.

The list ranks the top first, and the items in bold, are ones that I personally prefer.

  1. Nobody Informed Google on How to Select Icons – About a week after this post, one of the icons on Google’s site changed!
  2. Tweet Back – Sadly, I think I get more search traffic than the developer does for this service he created. Even worse, I mention that I tried it, and then later said I found no value in it.
  3. Wunderground 3D Radar – Was hardly a web usability tip. I just thought it was cool so I posted it. Apparently, a lot of people on StumbleUpon liked it as well.
  4. Google Not Ready for Firefox 3.5? – People are still having trouble this. The real secret, I found later on, was to simply get rid of the Google Toolbar.
  5. Div Slider – A three sentence blog post that links to another web developer I follow. It ranks 5th…go figure.
  6. Top Ten Website Mistakes – Written way back in March. I think I will have to do version two in March 2010.
  7. Rotating Images – Not my favorite post, but it works!
  8. Heading Tag – A How To – A basic skill that you should know how to use.
  9. Targeting Sources for Better Visitors – Based on analytical data.
  10. Twitter Vs. Google? – There is Another – A fitting end to the top ten list. Written in July I suggest that Facebook might out pace Google in visitors. Check out the graph below this list! I wrote that post because at that time Twitter was getting a bunch of hype. A bunch of hype I believe it didn’t deserve.

Image is in reference to #10.


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