They Are Not Just A Gaming Host Now

This is the third and final post of three part series reviewing some game servers. You can find the first post here: After I’m Done Using the Computer I Like to Relax and Use the Computer

It started for me playing Half Life, and wanting to connect with others online to make the game a little more exciting. It started for the people at GameData, Inc. as a route for gamers to become connected. They turned it into a massive gaming server network with servers around the country, and now even support dedicated voice over Ventrilo Server sites. DallasXtreme is the name of their dedicated Ventrilo Hosting site, and secured Ventrilo voice over servers are the game.

Hosting Details

dallasxtreme logoGetting a Ventrilo sever on DallasXtreme is basically, cheap. You can get fifty users for $9.48 a month, and you can get smaller packages. Installs are basic, essentially thirteen easy steps. You can create channels, you can password protect channels, and you can ban IP’s. As the admin you can set up a message of the day for when users login, and you also have RCON. RCON is basically the ability to administrate the server using command line interface from your PC, and is a must if you are running multiple applications already.

To operate a Ventrilo Server, or to login you need to have the client software. Fortunately, these programs are free to download. If you are just a end user, you only need to download the client program. One final thing you will need is a headset and microphone. Pretty obvious I would think, but you never know.

Games Not Required

A final point to this, is the fact that you don’t need to be playing a game to use this software. Writing this three part post has got me brainstorming of ways webmasters could interact. Could I host a channel to support fifty users. What could we chatter about. Would they even log on? VOIP is what makes gaming so fun. Why couldn’t it make a website more fun? Would love your ideas, or if you are already doing something like this, your experience.

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