Teamspeaking on the Flight Sim

This is the second post of three part series reviewing some game servers. You can find the first post here: After I’m Done Using the Computer I Like to Relax and Use the Computer

When my days of playing Half Life ended, I turned into an even more computerized geek, and started playing on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. I was taking pilot lessons at the time so it had some practical value as well. When I first started playing, I found a few others that would want to join me online, but the only way we could communicate was by hosting a Teamspeak server. Putting my old PC to work again, bandwidth killer once again landed on my lap. It was time to have someone else host the burden.

Reviewing the services again by guys at Game Data again, they are the ones that host Counter Strike as mentioned in my previous post, you can find that they also do Teamspeak Servers, and Ventrilo Server Hosting.

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It’s Not Just for Flight Sim

If you are into flight the flight simulator like I am, you most likely have heard of the VATSIM. It’s a network of virtual pilots and air traffic controllers. In the past, using something like Teamspeak was the only way to communicate. Now they host their own servers, and a specialized voice over just for Vatsim users. Flight simulators can still use Teamspeak if they want, for example when they do their own private session, but on the Vat, there is no longer the need.

What I found using Teamspeak is that it doesn’t have to be for games. If you don’t play online like I do, there is another reason you may want to take note of these type of servers.

Imagine leasing a Teamspeak server on a monthly basis. What would you do with it? Well for $2.69 a month you could talk up to ten of your friends (at the same time, as in a conference) anywhere in the world four hours upon hours. Grant it, they would all need computers, but I am guessing they do. They would also have to login into the server. Price wise though, that is some cheap communication technology. Depending on what type of software you prefer, Teamspeak, or Ventrilo, it’s up to you what to get. They host both, and both software types are free.

Teamspeak severs, they are not  just for gaming anymore.

For those of you that are into virtually flying on the VATSIM, my call sign is MAX411, and I fly for Max Freight, a cargo shipping company. I just might be on there tonight as well. Another exciting Friday night! I’m usually in the KSJC area.

Monday I will kick down part three of the gaming servers.


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