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It’s Friday, and it’s time for some site feedback. If you are new to Best Web Image, and the Site Feedback Posts, it’s about giving some feedback on the site listed below. The best way to improve a site is listening to visitor feedback!

Today’s Site: new window icon

Description: is a little like twitter, where you can make a quick post, and see what others post. The difference is though, the posts you make are about what you did that got you jinxed.

Visitor Feedback: Please take the time to look at their site, and let them know what you think by making comments on this post below. Positive and negative comments are welcome, but comments like “it sucks” or “it’s nice” have no value because you don’t say why.

Your Site: If you want your site to get posted here let me know. Just make sure to include your email, the url, and why you think I should pick your site. It’s free, just not everyone is going to get picked.


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