Rotating Images

Rotating images of your products on the home page. It’s a great way to capture a larger audience, and to additionally get their attention. Using one of my clients sites as an example, they have rotating images of gas bbq’s on their home page. On their site the image only changes when the page refreshes, but you can also have it change every few seconds.

Capturing a Larger Demographic

screenshot of gas grillSo what happens when you have a different picture on your home page every time it refreshes? You potentially increase your demographic. Everyone knows the landing page is a common landing spot, but it is also a common start over spot. Seeing an alternate product could make all the difference in the world.

Let’s say for example I was looking for charcoal bbq’s, and I landed on their home page seeing a screenshot of a gas bbq. Not what I was looking for. Few page clicks later, I’m back on their home page, and hey, there is a picture of a charcoal bbq. That’s what I was looking for. By showing off a few alternate products on the home page, they have opened up to both guys on the fence, the gas lovers and the charcoal lovers. Personally, I love both. It depends on what I cook.

Getting Their Attention

Another great benefit of having a rotating image is that it works as an advertisement for your own site, and helps captures a new visitors attention. If you have the image rotate on a timed basis, instead of waiting for a page refresh, you can quickly show off some of your best selling products.

Easy to Do

For those of you that like PHP like I do, here is a quick lettle example on how easy it can be.


$randomimage = rand(0,2);

$picture[0] = “<img src=’’ >”;
$picture[1] = “<img src=’’>”;
$picture[2] = “<img src=’’>”;

echo $picture[$randomimage];


See it in action: Don’t forget to hit refresh to see the new image.


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