Roger, Copy that Body Treatment, Over

When building a new webpage for your site it’s good to keep in mind some basic necessities. Looking at just the content, and not considering things like navigation or design here is a list of the basic elements.

The Body Copy

To start, the copy should first be explained. It’s the meat of the page. Strip site navigation away, page formatting, and all you are left with is the copy. It’s the data, message, information, products, or even a post like this. Try hitting the printer icon on top of this post, and you will see an example.

Primary Subject

The first part of a body copy should be the subject. This could be the business name, product name, or even title of a post for you bloggers. This is something that should stand out a little more than the rest of the content on your site.

Body Copy Header

The body copy header can, and often is, placed in an immediately near proximity to the primary subject. It’s used to give additional information to the primary subject.

An example would be: New Post – Roger, Copy that Body Treatment, Over. Where “New Post” would be the primary subject, and the “Roger, Copy that Body Treatment, Over” would be the body copy header. On this site, the primary subject and body copy header are treated as one.

Body Copy

This is where you do your talking, selling, or whatever. It’s the main reason people are now on the page. What you are reading now is an example.

Tag Line

In the offline world this could be located nearly anywhere. A magazine for example may have it located right in the middle of the page. Online, however, visitors often come from other sources besides your site. That means visitors are often new visitors, which only gives you seconds to convey your message. Having your tag line near the top in a highly visible place is the way to go. I put mine, right in the logo on this site.

Call to Action

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying all of 2010. Get your site to do something with a call to action. How many of you have an information only site for your business? If you are not getting those targeted visitors to do something, anything, your missing the boat.

Every page should be crafted with the call to action in mind, even it’s it just to get them to bookmark your site. Having trouble making your own killer webpage? Try by writing down on the piece of paper the main purpose of the page, and make sure it includes the primary call to action. It’s usually easy after that.


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