Popular Posts and Pages on Best Web Image for March 2010

Here are the top posts and pages viewed on Best Web Image for the month of March, 2010.

Something that I had been dealing with a lot lately is main content width, and reading content getting pushed off to the right which imposes horizontal scrolling on the reader. Here is a recent post I wrote about it: Watch that Image Size. Another item I was hoping to get some comments on was my post  Your Intranet Guideline.

  1. The Difference a Test Can Make – Why testing your site with more than one browser is a good idea. Ticket site used as an example. (1,184 views)
  2. Testing Your Journal – Keep notes on changes made. I made a change to my site that I believe was a rock solid good idea. It turned out to be a dud, having a negative impact on my site. (1,081 views)
  3. Digital Point Forum Down – Before you join the Digital Point Forum, READ THIS. Don’t worry, it’s good stuff. (948 views)
  4. Your Intranet Guideline – If you work on an intranet site for a company, please read. (855 views)
  5. Twitter Toolbar (837 views)
  6. Creating WordPress Themes Made Easy (787 views)
  7. Validating HTML Killed a Plugin – How validating HTML can find unnecessary plugins for your website or blog. An example using the TweetMeme button. (749 views)
  8. Google Looks to Improve Their Own On-site SEO – Google releases their own SEO report card. See how you can improve your own on-site SEO, and also improve your HTML. (748 views)
  9. My Minimum Width Hack for IE6 – Easy fix for IE6 in regards to setting a minimum width. (612 views)
  10. Popular Posts and Pages on Best Web Image for February 2010Popular Posts and Pages on Best Web Image for February 2010 (610 views)
  11. Hiding User Functions in Plain Site – Jakob reminds us to not forget the user in our design, and to be wary of using a user interface for multiple tasks. (599 views)
  12. ColorZilla – ColorZilla, a great little add-on for Firefox to help you get the hexadecimal color from a web page or image. (534 views)
  13. Usability and Design Analysis (471 views)
  14. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website? – Tips on how to not waste your money getting a website. You don’t want a website. (465 views)
  15. Starting a Forum – Assuming you have the software, and are ready market your forum don’t forget these important tips. (437 views)
  16. Archives (420 views)
  17. Cut and Paste Character Count – Avoid Long Lines of Text – Link to a cut and paste character count tool, and reasoning for limiting text width to 75-100 characters. (410 views)
  18. Contact (404 views)
  19. Roger, Copy that Body Treatment, Over – A list of primary items that make a up body copy for online content.. (398 views)
  20. Watch that Image Size – Limit the size of your images. It could be creating horizontal scroll. (397 views)

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