Popular Posts and Pages on Best Web Image for April 2010

Here are the top posts and pages viewed on Best Web Image for the month of April, 2010.

My personal favorite is, More Important Stuff on the Left. It’s a follow up of Jakob Nielson’s report on his findings.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Graphs – Those of you that use Google Webmaster Tools, good news! They are now graphing top search queries, revealing clickthrough ratios. (1,979 views)
  2. Popular Posts and Pages on Best Web Image for March 2010 – Here are the top posts and pages viewed on Best Web Image for the month of March, 2010. (1,461 views)
  3. Dreaming About Heading Tags and Tables – How a dream about heading tags lead me to tables and DIV issues. (1,317 views)
  4. The Intranet Enhancement List – A list of important items a large tech corporation is addressing for their main intranet portal. (1,095 views)
  5. Flying Fingers Gives Me Contest Idea – How fast can you build a website contest. (1,050 views)
  6. Digital Point Forum Down – Before you join the Digital Point Forum, READ THIS. Don’t worry, it’s good stuff. (934 views)
  7. More Important Stuff on the Left – Many argue that the right column navigation is better for navigation. I argue the the left is better by simply showing examples from the top five sites on the Internet today. (919 views)
  8. Twitter Toolbar (873 views)
  9. Getting Subscribers is Easy for a Blog – Getting subscribers could be one of your easiest goals to accomplish. (790 views)
  10. Keep the Important Stuff on the Left – Jakob Nielson released a new report to day: Horizontal Attention Leans Left (789 views)
  11. Watch that Image Size – Limit the size of your images. It could be creating horizontal scroll. (717 views)
  12. Almost Anything Can Be Done With WordPress, Even a Job Board – Over the past year or so I have kept in close contact with another webmaster from overseas. His name is Temi, and he is the one responsible for the Boss Cart Shopping Cart Contest I am having. He is also responsible for Job Boards, a classified type site made with WordPress (684 views)
  13. Firefox 3.6.2 Now Available – I had a pleasant surprise today to find the Firefox just updated. You can get the latest version, 3.6.2 here (556 views)
  14. Archives (513 views)
  15. Starting a Forum – Assuming you have the software, and are ready market your forum don’t forget these important tips. (501 views)
  16. Contact (498 views)
  17. Web Services and Tools (488 views)
  18. About Best Web Image (456 views)
  19. Usability Testing Reveals Scrolling Content OK – Doing some testing on a news feed that automatically scrolls, results point to…let it scroll (456 views)
  20. Cut and Paste Character Count – Avoid Long Lines of Text – Link to a cut and paste character count tool, and reasoning for limiting text width to 75-100 characters. (455 views)

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