No Keyword in Your Title: Fail

Mock Dummies book on writing titlesKeywords here: title and keyword. Yes…I know it’s been about a year or more since my last post. Insanely busy building site after site, and supporting tons of other sites. I love posting though, so here is a quick one.

Don’t let your title fail you

So if you are reading this post based on title, I’m betting you can guess what it is all about. Make sure your title says a little about your content so that the random reader will get it. One of my clients asked me to post some content on Digg for them today, but as I was about to type in some keywords for it, I stopped. The title and sub-head/description  just equaled fail. They offered no insight to the article, and I thought why would one even click on it. They wouldn’t.

Writing a new blog post today, email, forum post, or whatever? Think about that title. It’s something web surfers actually read.


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