Moving Google Analytics Code

A month ago today I moved my Google Analytic code up to the top of my site. Google suggests keeping it near the footer of a site. I did this to ensure I capture as many visitors as possible. Doing this, I expected more visitors to be tracked because I could catch those that normally bounced off the site before the whole page had loaded. I also expected an increase bounce rate because I was now doing a better job at capturing those visitors.

The Results

Well the results are in, and though the visitor count went up, the bounce rate went down. This was a general expectation of the site regardless off where the Google code was. Did moving the code help me capture more visitors? I would have to say, nope.

I tried tweaking the results in sever different ways, and the only thing I saw a difference in was that the search traffic bounce rate went up a tiny bit. The rate was so small though, it could have been anything that made the changes.

So basically, is it worth moving the code to the top of your site? Based on my month of testing, I would have to say it plays no significant difference.


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