How to Write an “About Me” Page

Whether visitors are on your blog or your business website, they expect to find an “About Me” or “About Us” page. For a blog it offers credibility, and a way to get personal with your audience. With a business website it can enhance credibility, it can present a better picture about your core functions, SELL, and even help brand your company.

An About Me Page is More Important than You May Think

Taking a look at the stats from twelve random sites that I manage, I found the average site had 5.5% of all its pages views occurring on the About Me page. With business websites the About Us page can nearly account for 20% of all your traffic! The highest percentage I saw was actually 19%. Every site I looked at had traffic on the about page, even a humor site where I expected none. Visitors expect to find it, and will look for it.

The Ingredients of an About Me Page

When a visitor lands on an About Me page they expect to find certain core items. These same items can be expected for a business About Us page as well.

You want to state:

  • Who you are – Name, where are you from, and basic company or personal history
  • What you specialize at
  • Why you think a relationship should be created
  • A method to contact you
  • Optional methods to find additional information about you or your company

The About Us page also makes a great place for a little self promotion. If you look at Best Web Image’s About page you can see how I did it. The first three paragraphs cover the first four important items I listed. I state who I am, what I do, and how it could benefit the visitor. At the end I give a quick link to my contact page, and visitors expectations have been met.

To take advantage of all those visitors that land on a About Me page, I’ve also included a couple of paragraphs afterwards. The first is to drive the point that I am really trying to  improve websites. I have experience, I am aware of many common mistakes that are made on websites. The second paragraph was made to address the most asked question I get. It’s about my usability analysis, and potential customers want to know more about what they can expect out of it.

I also include my Be There Be Square logo where I stress the four major issues that need to be addressed for a successful website. It’s a little self branding, and offers a little extra insight about me.


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