How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Recently asked on how much it costs to build a 75 page website on what I will call Subject A, I thought this might be a good time to explain a way to calculate this. Possibly even, on how not to calculate this.

I get this question repeatedly, “How much does it cost to build a basic website?” My answer? It’s $10 plus my hourly rate if you want anything extra on the site. Example of $10 website without extras. Anyone want one?

It’s All About the Plan

Most of my clients first come to me wanting a website. I’m the guy they were told about, they tell me they need a website, and I ruin their day because I can’t give them a quote or a website until we really know what we are talking about. They are forced to go back and rethink their initial plan.

Have you ever asked a webmaster how much, and they say I don’t know?

The client wants to say “I have a website!”, and webmasters want to say “Now here is a website that will do something for you.”

Before getting a website know exactly why you want it, and if you are doing this for business, how it will be profitable. Building a website for a business should not come out of your marketing budget! Marketing the website should. Think sales, think improved employee performance (intranets), and stop thinking money pit. Websites without a well defined plan are money/time pits.

Brainstorm potentials beyond your initial plan. Do you want your web visitors to know your business hours and specials. That’s great. I can give them that information with my $10 website. How about getting their email so you can notify these highly qualified leads about a promotion you plan on having. How about getting them to print out a coupon from your website. How about getting them to book an appointment right now! The ideas are endless.

Do you have a website already? What does it DO now?

You Don’t Want a Website

When you go to the person that will be designing your website, don’t say “I want a website.”

Say, I want a website, AND I want it to do this, this, and THIS! Your clearly defined plan with well thought out ideas, beyond just having an about us page, will inspire your webmaster. It will be easy for them to give you a quote, at least a rough one if put on the spot, and it will be easier for you to make smart business like decisions on what is important for your site.


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