Great Blogs Tell New Visitors What They Are – Five Great Examples

This morning I was reviewing a few sites for other webmasters. Many webmaster forums have a category just for this. You post your site, and others submit feedback for it. I found today’s common theme was clueless new visitors.

When visiting many of these new sites and blogs I found that the site owners were leaving their new visitors in the dark. Here is an example of a forum post I just love to see, “Please review my blog about making money online.” Before you even visit the blog, you know that it is about how to make money online. When visiting this particular site though, I found a great template, a great logo, but no clue the blog was about how to make money online. Not even a picture of $100 bills? What’s up with that?

Note to self when building your next blog or website? Make sure you have a quick tagline so that new visitors know what your site is about right away.

Here are Five Great Examples from Popular Blogs

Chris Brogan – Clearly a site about social media

screenshot from

I have been visiting his site for a while now. Great articles, and his audience just keeps on growing in size.

A List Apart – For people who make websites

screenshot of A List Apart Logo

The A List Apart site is for, just like the logo says, For People Who Make Websites. It would be nice if the tag line was a little bigger, but it’s sure to be seen. It’s in the logo. I personally follow the site for their graphic design articles.

Daily Blog Tips – Does it offer daily blog tips? You bet!

screenshot of logo

This is a classic example of how your logo can do all the talking. The owners of this site also scored well with their domain name.

SEOmoz – The Web’s Best SEO Resource

seomoz screenshot

On the SEOMOZ blog they include a tag line, and an introduction message. They are probably trying to achieve two things here. They are improving the odds that the new visitor will understand the site faster, and they are improving their blog SEO by using quality keywords near the top of the site.

Copy Blogger – Tips for Writing Online

copyblogger screenshot

On CopyBlogger you can find the tagline on the left sidebar of every page of their site, “Copywriting tips for online marketing success”. They also have designed the home page so the most recent blog title does some blog description as well.

You Need to Have That Tagline

When starting a new blog having that tagline could be the most important factor to your site. ALL of your visitors are new, and telling them what your site is about is the first step.


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