Getting Subscribers is Easy for a Blog

First, may I say, getting subscribers is not easy. It takes work, regardless if you are managing a blog or not. If you are running a blog, a subscriber count could be the easiest thing to improve though.

When it comes to numbers for this site, I have three major goals that I try to accomplish. I try to get more unique visitors, I look for ways to keep them engaged longer (more pageviews per session), and I try to get more subscribers. I have the goals broken down in easy steps that I believe I can accomplish, and try to keep the three in sync.

I Did It!

Screenshot of subscribers

So this morning I awoke to find the pleasant surprise of breaking 400 RSS subscribers. No doubt on Saturday, it will drop down again.

The Easiest Goal

For my three main goals I have broken them down into five easy steps. I have already accomplished the first two steps for all three, and have now just finished one of my goals for the third step, hitting 400 subscribers. Something I have noticed while looking at my notes? Getting subscribers has been the easiest.

With a blog, a bigger challenge is getting more pageviews per user session.Β  I doubled my RSS count since last goal, but am only trying to increase my pages per session by 7% for the same step. Note to self…I still need to accomplish that goal.

Hits, pageviews, or subscribers, what’s easier for you?


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