Get Free Usability and Design Tips by Not Subscribing

How do you get free usability and design tips from here by not subscribing? As the animated character Homer Simpson would put it, Dohhhh. Best Web Image does not have a subscription service, so you can’t subscribe to it. However, if you would still like to get my usability and design tips that I post here by email or RSS please visit this page: Get Free Usability and Design Tips.

Is this a shameless plug to get more feed followers? Not really, but it can’t hurt to ask. No, this post is really about the term subscriber, and how it could be killing your blog.

Two Quick Tips and Your Numbers Will Go Up

If you are looking to make that RSS feed number go up, here are two quick tips that you can do easily today.

The first tip is the understand the word subscribe. The word subscribe, indicates signing up and typically paying for something. If you have the word subscribe next to your RSS link, you need to change the wording now. It may stop a person that is not familiar with a feed “subscription” from following you, and it could actually improve your SEO. Improve your SEO? Yep.

By removing the word subscribe from your site could actually help optimize your site for search engines. Using this site for example, replacing subscribe with get free usability and design tips is definitely a step in the right direction, at least for keyword density.

When I killed the word subscribe, and additionally began using tip number two, looked what happened to my numbers in the graph below.

subscriber graph

The second tip is to create a follower, or what I used to call a “subscription” page. On that page make sure you list how users can follow you. To make sure users actually find that page, create a link or a few to it. I have found that a link at the bottom of every post works great for me. I also have a link on the top of the sidebar, and the bottom of the sidebar.

Some of you, I’m betting, may have heard this advice before. Have you begun implementing it yet though? Killing the word subscribe could be the best thing you do for a blog.

As a side note: I started practicing this just over a month ago. Looking at the graph above you see that I am obviously a big fan of this advice. Taking a look at the last 30 days of my analytics, I found that my subscriber page was the 22nd most popular page on my site. Being 22nd might not be the greatest, but when compared to nearly a thousand other pages, being ranked 22nd obviously indicates value, and it is obviously working.

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