Free Meta Tag Analyzer

One of my favorite online tools I like to use is SEOCentro’s Meta Tag Analyzer. Simply type in your page URL, enter the captcha, and whamo, a ton of information.

The tool starts off by giving some basic heading status information, and also includes Google’ PageRank. It then lists all of the meta tags used, followed up by their score. They give a numeric score, 100 being best, for each tag based on several factors. I pride myself on achieving 100% for all of them. It’s actually an excellent tool for developing a great meta description tag.

SEO Power

The tool really kicks in with it’s SEO power. Because this Meta Tag Analyzer was developed by an SEO site, the details get crazy.

Here are some SEO items the analyzer finds as well:

  • Load time – Now becoming an SEO issue.
  • Snippet preview – How your page is seen as a search result
  • Keywords found in anchor tags
  • Keywords found in image alt tags
  • Keywords found on the page, and their density
  • URL’s found and listed

After running this analysis I can almost guarantee you will be doing some tweaks to your site afterwards. A killer online tool, that is absolutely free.

Try SEOCentro’s Meta Tag Analyzer for your website.


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