Flying Fingers Gives Me Contest Idea

So who is up for helping me run a contest? Who would like to be in a website building race? Racing to make my deadline yesterday, got me wondering how fast some of you are at coding. I would love to know how fast a page could be developed based on a Word Doc, something I was doing at the time I thought of the idea.

We could make certain rules, like no tables for layout, formatting must be done with a CSS file, and the code must pass W3C validation. You could use any software or service offered online to help you build the page, we just want to see results, and we want the fast.

Anybody up for it?

We would need a committee, and maybe a few sponsors if we are wanting to give away prizes. It doesn’t even have to be hosted by Best Web Image. I know their are some hot shots out their that would love to compete. We could even break it into classes, like who’s hot with notepad, Dreamweaver, or any other popular software.

If you are interested, send me an email. Ready to rock and roll.


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