Define Ad Space

Fortunately for me, there are no ads on this site. My business model is based on selling services, not ads. I like it that way. Advertisements help pay the bills though, so there are a million blogs out their with even more ads on them. It can drive visitors nuts, and can reduce your traffic potential.

Looking at this cool car blog you can see a classic example of a blog with advertisments. They have two Google ads, and one eBay ad. Not a lot compared to some blogs. Giving the site a quick quality review I noticed a few issues that could quickly be fixed, don’t justify to name one, but I also saw something they did well. They kept the ads out of the way, and they clearly defined them. If you look at their left column you will see the eBay ad, but if you look on top you will clearly see it defined by the heading “Advertisments”. The Google ads are defined by default so it was clear that they were also ads.

By defining the space with a heading, you improve the visitors understanding of the site. The quicker they get it, the better chance you get them to stay, or come back. By having a heading that says “Advertisement” you might argue saying “but then they won’t click the ad”. It’s a valid argument, but the truth is, descisions to stay on a site is often done in less than ten seconds. When they leave that quickly, it’s not by clicking advertisements. It’s by hitting the back button or “x”. Help your visitors understand your site first. Draw them in, and then if your ads fit the topic, gold.

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