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So what inspired today’s poll? A couple of things. I had just recently done a usability analysis on CSSLanding Pages.com, and after writing my three part post about parallel design it reminded me that this concept is even more effective when done on landing pages. If you are banking on a single, poor performing landing page, bummer. That’s time and money lost.

A Landing Page for a Landing Page Site, Yikes!

When I was first asked to do the analysis for this landing page templates site, my first impression was yikes! I would hate to have that job. No matter how effectively you designed the landing page, and no matter how wonderfully it works, you are just begging for scrutiny. I guess if you are into landing pages though, you understand the value of feedback, and use it to your favor. Point being, that is probably why the owner wanted the analysis. The more feedback, the better your site gets.

The Analysis

Overall, CSSLanding Pages.com, did very well on the analysis. Near the end of my review though, I noticed something huge. $19 didn’t buy you a template. It bought you a ton of templates. I’ve seen a lot of template sites, and have even done analyses on many. The usual going price is $50 to start, and that is for one template. This whole time I was thinking that they were selling one for $19. A good price, but nothing special.

The problem, fixed now, occurred because I saw two things. I quickly saw the site sold templates, and I quickly saw the prominent PayPal button to buy them for $19. What’s wrong with that? The benefits and significant details were hidden in the regular text. I skimmed content, like most visitors do, and missed the fine print. Knowing that I was doing a detailed analysis of the site, you can imagine what a first time visitor will read. The site page was selling ten templates with sixteen different themes each. Pretty huge difference, and a great deal. Interested parties will surely buy if they like some of the templates.

What I Missed

So would you rather order one template or get a package that has this for $19?

  • All 10 Landing Page Layouts in every color and style.
  • 15 Graphical Opt-In Box Templates
  • 1,600+ Website Graphics Package
  • The Landing Page Success Guide eBook
  • Instant Delivery!

A deal like that makes a desiscion a lot easier, and the sale a lot more likely. Note to self: Don’t hide the significant details.


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