Quick! What is the hexadecimal color of my logo? Don’t know? Would you need to look in my CSS maybe? Would you try loading my logo into Photoshop and see? Too slow. Those of you with ColorZilla know.

The easiest way to do it, if you use Firefox, is to install the add-on ColorZilla.


The ColorZilla add-on appears in two places. It creates an eye dropper in the bottom left of your browser, and also becomes included in your right click menu.

Screenshot of colorzilla add-on

Clicking the eye dropper starts it up. You can then see what the hex number is for any color on the webpage. It also shows content ID, like class name or heading ID. Right clicking will give you additional options, including zoom. Zoom can be very handy for when you are trying to single out a specific pixel color.

Just a cool little plugin for Firefox I thought I would share. Guaranteed to save you time if you have a hard time matching image colors in layout.


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