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Web Developer Toolbar

You may have noticed that I have not made a post in a couple of days. I'm am going crazy with my Twitter Toolbar that I just created. I am simply addicted to getting it to work exactly the way I want it, and am having a lot of fun doing it. On the subject


With exception to naming a web browser as my favorite tool, WinSCP, I think, wears the crown. WinSCP is a SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows. It's also free. I found it last year when my primary hosting company stopped supporting basic FTP. I needed SFTP software, and my old FTP software couldn't do

First Cool Tool Post

Last night I decided to add a new category to the site, Cool Tools. This was a big decision for me, because I only intend on having a maximum of six categories total. I have finally decided to start dedicating more time to BWI, and will also be bringing on a few new authors as

Printer Friendly

Is your site printer friendly? Anyone can go to this site, hit the print button, and print out the content. The problem is, and this is the case for most sites, you print all the content on the page, including menus. I was visiting this fishing site, Ontario Fishing, and they reminded me about something