Big and Clean

Here is a site from a recent client that uses the big, bold, and beautiful technique to building a website, Used Cars in Lakeland Florida. With exception to the sites logo, the site is absolutely perfect, user experience wise. Big text, wide template, clear division of content. Even the form for searching for a car is extremely easy to use.

The Search Form

screenshot of search form

Search forms are a big deal, and when a user needs to add some specifics, forms can get messy. Part of having a successful form is making it quick and easy to use. Even if you do nothing but hit “find my car”, it produces results. Enter a minimum, a maximum, or both will produce results. Not all parts need to be filled out, and it is very intuitive.

The Clarity

The reason this site is so easy to read and figure out it because of it’s clarity. They use huge text, bigger margins, and made the site as if you were going to use it on a touch screen. No squinting, or pushing your head closer to the screen here. Each section is well defined by a title or heading.

The Results

screenshot of resultsThe results are what really make this site a hit in my mind. Hopefully this car won’t sell to quickly so you can see the link of an example, but you can always go to the home page, and try your own vehicle search. Try looking at this used car. You can also just open the thumbnail on the right to see the screenshot I took of it. Clear title, clear contact information, and easy to find details. Besides having the contact details in the top right their are also complimented by a contact form on the bottom.

Overall, I would say this site is great! They just need to do something with that logo. Maybe they can check out my recent logo basics post:)


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