Best Heineken Commercial of all time…

It could be the fact that I just came from a pub, and had a beer. I don’t know. I do know though, that when I saw the Heineken ad on (link removed, site down), I was ready for another beer. The site is a blog, but a blog packed with great pictures, quotes, videos, and more.

Updated daily with pics like guys puking at McDonald’s, or cute pet pics members can rate and easily share using social bookmarks. Because it is in blog format everything is easily found by category, or date. It seems a bit short on the comments from spectators, but I beleive it is a new site. When visiting you should make sure to click on the links title “Read More”. Each daily post can be hidden with treasure if you flash by them. I was missing all the good stuff until I did.

Though I can’t stand silly pet pictures, it’s got a ton of original time killing material. Perfect for those last 10 minutes of work when you are waiting for the bell to ring. One of my pet peeves is humor sites that just shows the same old thing you have seen a million times before. I know, I used to run one, and know the niche well.

Anyhow, I would say well worth the time to check it out. If your a beer fan, don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying one after you see the Heineken ad.

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