Annotations on Google Analytics

It’s killing me!!! A new feature for Google Analytics is rolling out, and though they have given it to me on some of my accounts, they have not given it to me for Best Web Image yet.

Google is now slowly releasing the Annotations feature for their analytics. It allows you to make a comment about a specific date. This is something I have already been practicing using Microsoft’s Outlook Journal. I call it Journal Analytics.


The annotations feature allows you to add comments or notes about certain dates within your Google Analytic page. To make an entry all you have to do is click the down arrow on you main dashboard page. See first screenshot below.

After you click on the little down arrow it opens up a new panel where you can track your changes. See second screenshot below.

You can share the notes with others or keep private, and before you know it there will probably be some website out there that lets you tweet the annotations.

Are the annotations showing up with your account? Let others know by commenting below. I have over a dozen accounts, and it’s showing up on about half of them. Dear Google, updated I want the annotations!


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