After I’m Done Using the Computer I Like to Relax and Use the Computer

You read the title right. After sitting all day on the PC doing analyses, building websites, and managing this blog, I like to finish the day by going on the computer. Not really, but I do often. It’s the American Idol, dance, prime time T.V. stuff that forces me back to the PC. My wife and kids love all those competition shows, and I simply can’t stand them. My other choices? Watch T.V. in bed upstairs, or actually have a little fun with the computer.

Stick around and follow this three part posts about game servers. I’ll post some reviews of a few, and tell you what I like to use. Today’s post will review the popular gaming server site Counter-Strike. RSS and email subscription can be found on top of the left sidebar of this site. Part II is now available.

Getting Blasted in Half Life – It’s Not Me

I admit it. I used to play Half Life. I got pretty into it, even hosted my own server, and then I heard about Counter-Strike Source.

screenshot from counterstrike.comCounter Strike, besides being a spin off of Half Life, is a game serving hosting company design just for gamers that are starting a clan. They have been around for years now, have multiple server locations, and if you are still big on Half Life you most likely know about these guys.

Their servers are fast, can be picked relatively close to where you live, and are dedicated to the particular game you play. That dedicated game server is why you can set up fast with them, and get quality performance.


Counter Strike has been doing this a while now, and I think they got the prices down in regards to locking in their customer for keep. Orders very based on tickrate, size of group, and whether or not you want to go public or private. To give you an example though, a 10 person public spot cost $14.95 a month at a 66 tickrate. Even if just five or six of your friends log on once a week, that is dang cheap entertainment, and with no hassle hosting it yourself.

Am I using them? Honestly, I haven’t played Half Life in a couple of years, but I have used their service before. No complaints on my end, and I think if you look around you will see similar kind of feedback that I am giving.

I’m one of the Flight simulator geeks now, and that will lead me to the part two of this post when I write about Team Speak.


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